What Goes Around Comes Around

Polina Shcherbyna
«9 dialogues» is a metaphoric series of nine international phraseologies that have analogues in every language and are used in day-to-day dialogues, framing the common human principles of engagement in the world.

In Polina Shcherbyna's works appear images of the abstract human body. She refuses from realistic interpretation of man and works with anti-anatomy and understanding of corporeality. Her characters are stripped of skin, and characteristic features of man, which determine the inherent patterns of society beautiful and ugly. In this practice, the image of the body is about the impossibility of the absolute of physical beauty and the irony of any classification human shell and lookismism. Creating this «9 dialogues» graphic series artist used her form peculiarity: grinding, scrubbing, cutting etc.

Polina Shcherbyna is a Kyiv-based Ukrainian artist, who works with painting and photography mediums. The artist focused on two groups of concepts of her artworks: «painting as an object, artist labor» and «corporeality, human, reflexes, reflections». In Shcherbyna's works, she highlights routine actions and things that directly influence people's lives, though they are not engraved in their consciousness a something significant, but they still leave one thinking about «real» and «reality». The artist's works was exhibited in Prague, New York, Istanbul, Kyiv.

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Series: 9 Dialogues

Technique: Acrylic on Chipboard

Technique: Knife

Material: Acrylic

Material: Coal

Material: Marker

Format size: 35x35 cm

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2021

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