Pink Balaclava №1

V [B]
V's textile art object-as-fashion speak about war, borders, identity, ways of freedom of speech and freedom for non-hierarhical non-binary queer art. Pink Balaclava №1 is in a single copy. The certificate of authentic with the wet seal of Garage33.Gallery-Shelter is added to this fashion art object.

V is an anonymous queer artist from Crimean Peninsula. She is an architect, engineer, and political activist. V always dreams about fashion designer career. The artist is working with different soft materials, for example, she restores old knitting yarns for decorating her objects, she uses bandages, gauze and wool for creating textile works. The leitmotiv of V’s creativity is the flowers as a symbol-image of female body. The majority of Ukrainian artist’s works are created intuitively and like going in blind, because V have a serious problem with her eyesight. Her pain and inside traumas the artist transforms into bionic forms, creating semi-bodily and semi-symbolic shapes.

In 2021, V created the series of balaсlavas, which she threw watercolor forms of soft materials. Therefore daunting balaсlava-as-a-cap was reborn into art object, which is full of symbolism. These objects could be considered an attempt of the creative escapism. What’s important is that the name of the model of this cap has a symbolic value for V. Balaklava is a city on the Crimean Peninsula. During the Cold War, this city had been the submarine base and one of the strategic-military objectives of this region.

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Material: Knitting threads

Material: Felt

Material: Beads

Material: Tapes

Technique: Knitting

Technique: Felting

Height Size: up to 30 cm

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2021