Feet II From The Series "Folds of Time/Folds of Memory"

Maria Kulikovska+Uleg Vinnichenko [MKUV Studio]
This sculptural relief from the series "Folds of Time / Folds of Memory" was made from the body of Maria Kulikovska and her mom.

Fiberglass and resin, covered by wax, 2016
82 x 109 cm

"Folds of Time / Folds of Memory" series was shown in Kulikovska's personal exhibition in Odesa, Ukraine, in 2016. Later it was presented during Kyiv Art Week'17 and in the solo exhibition "Folds" at the Port creative hub in Kyiv. Some of the reliefs from this series are in the private collection and also in the public collection of Invogue art gallery in Odesa, Ukraine.

Maria Kulikovska is a Ukrainian-Swedish multimedia artist, architect, actionist-performer, researcher, and lecturer in exile. She was born and grew up in Kerch on the edge of the Crimea peninsula, where she cannot return since the illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russia. The artist explores the transformation of her own body, watches the vulnerability of her body, and actively creates preconditions for feminist and queer discourses. The creativity of Maria Kulikovska is a radical combination of performances and sculptures, watercolors and old papers, physicality and substance, destruction and creation, complex symbols and understandable metaphors, the powerlessness of screaming, and power of the material, weakness or careful and total.

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Series: Folds of Time/Folds of Memory

Material: Resin

Material: Fibreglass

Material: Wax

Country: Ukraine

Country: Sweden

Year: 2016