From The Series "880" №01

Maria Kulikovska+Uleg Vinnichenko [MKUV Studio]
Bust from the series "880" which includes 5 cast busts from the artist's body created in ballistic soap and flowers.
The sculpture is unpretentious in maintenance. It just asks for the same attitude as human body. That is, if you want to keep the bust in its most original form, then do not leave it in the cold and in a damp space, and also do not fry it on the fire. If this sculpture lives with you in ordinary conditions that are usual for the humans, it will transform very slowly and imperceptibly, dry out more and more, and maybe even will outlive you and your children and remain with your descendants for many centuries. And if you want to see quick and obvious changes, transformations and aging of the sculpture's body – leave it in more aggressive and contrast living conditions, same as in real life.

While preparing this series in Maria's apartment, she unconsciously put a sculpture near the fireplace, which reminded her of the fireplace in her parents' house. She decided to find out what is the distance from the fireplace in her apartment in Kyiv to the parental family-house in occupied conflict territory. The distance on Google maps is exactly 880 km.
Ballistic soap is a translucent soap base that is used for conventional soap making, as well as for testing and shooting weapon, before sending its to the conflict areas. It is translucent soap that is the most successful material for analyzing the power of a weapon, since its [soap] density is the same as the human body, because it consists from 80% of water. And the translucency of the soap base allows to visually see the flight path of the entered bullets and the power of the injuries of the body inflicted by these bullets. Weapon's companies sell the most powerful and dangerous weapon to conflict/military zones after they test it on a translucent ballistic soap.

Maria Kulikovska is an Ukrainian-Swedish multimedia artist, architect, actionist-performer, researcher and lecturer in exile. She was born and grew up in Kerch on the edge of the Crimea peninsula, where she cannot return since the illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russia. The artist explores the transformation of her own body, watches the vulnerability of her body, and actively creates preconditions for feminist and queer discourses. Creativity of Maria Kulikovska is a radical combination of performances and sculptures, watercolors and old papers, physicality and substance, destruction and creation, complex symbols and understandable metaphors, powerlessness of screaming and power of material, weakness or careful and total.
Uleg Vinnichenko is an Ukrainian-Swedish architect-engineer. He was born in Zavodske in the Poltava oblast, Ukraine. Uleg has more than 15 years of experience in the architecture and development of innovative building materials and structures. He is the founder of the creative-experimental studio "Basis LLC". For the last years he has been collaborating with Maria Kulikovska in all of her sculptural projects. In 2020 Maria and Uleg built and opened the "Garage33. Gallery-Shelter" in Kyiv, Ukraine, for the artists from "conflict?" reflecting on a concept as "conflict body" and giving voice to marginalized groups.


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Series: 880

Material: Ballistic Soap

Height Size: up to 1 m

Country: Ukraine

Country: Sweden

Year: 2019

lwh: 310x470x800 mm

Weight: 30000 g

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