The Eye Of The Beholder №7

Ekaterina Sisfontes & Siska Design
*Jewelry Object is in Stockholm, waiting for the delivery is about 5-10 working days.

For the moment idea is conceived 21 of art objects in the series "The Eye Of The Beholder". Each of these corresponds to a parts of the body, which in the modern world, people are trying to change through weight loss, surgery, make-up or any other procedure for the sake of compliance with public or private standards. All objects are handmade in sterling silver by Ekaterina Sisfontes.

Ekaterina Sisfontes is a multidisciplinary Swedish artist, who makes installations, creates public art, photos and paintings. In 2005 she founded her own jewelry brand – SisKa Design. The leitmotif of her jewelry is the Nordic asceticism: coldness of metals, restraint of elegance, aesthetics of simplified forms and straight lines. Ekaterina Sisfontes's jewelry pieces have been sold at museum stores of National Museum of Sweden, British Academy of Art, North Dakota Art Museum.

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Material: Silver

Country: Sweden