Plush Vulva №3

As is common in our society, the plush toys are the bears and bunnies. Why not try to play with Vulva? Why not make up stories with her? We use a form of collection toys as a trigger to normality, and a form of the woman's genitals as a legalization of attitude towards our own bodies through using only “kids” materials.

EVAMARIA is an Ukrainian creative duo of two designers that have created collection toys and limited fashion objects from 2013. The idea of the art presence in everyday life and the opportunity for everyone to allow themselves to be part of artistic processes is the basis of EVAMARIA brand. EVAMARIA regularly participates in the international exhibition of designer dolls and toys FANTANIMA!, starting in 2013.

Prices in EUR, but you can buy in UAH/USD/SEK equivalents of the currency conversion and the payment system. Any of your purchase is equally valid for us.

The object is packed into environmentally-friendly package, so during the transportation it will be safe. We deliver our art works worldwide. You can contact us and choose the most convenient type of delivery or transport company. The textile toy will be delivered at the expense of the recipient after 100% advance payment of it.

We do not accept refunds or exchanges. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have any questions Contact Us and we will respond you as soon as possible!

Material: Plush

Material: Polyester

Technique: Handsawing

Height Size: up to 20 cm

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2021

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