T-Shirt "During Dark Nights" №01

Maria Kulikovska+Uleg Vinnichenko [MKUV Studio]
The limited printing of the drawing from the series "During Dark Nights" on the T-shirt.

Each art object in the form of the T-shirt with limited print of Maria Kulikovska's drawings is accompanied by an exclusive collectible gift – a limited postcard, with photo documentation of one of Maria Kulikovska's projects, and on the back-side of postcard is the artist's wet seal (a color print of some her body parts).

By the way, the moment you put on your body any of the T-shirts with the print of Maria's drawing, you simultaneously become a conditional "Alive Gallery".
And over the time, when you tired of wearing this art object on your body, you can put it under the frame and exhibit it as one of the Kulikovska's works in your collection or in your own space.

Maria Kulikovska is an Ukrainian-Swedish multimedia artist, architect, actionist-performer, researcher and lecturer in exile. She was born and grew up in Kerch on the edge of the Crimea peninsula, where she cannot return since the illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russia. The artist explores the transformation of her own body, watches the vulnerability of her body, and actively creates preconditions for feminist and queer discourses. Creativity of Maria Kulikovska is a radical combination of performances and sculptures, watercolors and old papers, physicality and substance, destruction and creation, complex symbols and understandable metaphors, powerlessness of screaming and power of material, weakness or careful and total.

If you pre-order from 4 or more (any) T-shirts from this series at this online Art Store there is a special system of discounts:
  • 4–8 T-shirts: -3% discount
  • 9–13 T-shirts: -8% discount
  • 14 & more T-shirts: -15% discount
Prices in EUR, but you can buy in UAH/USD/SEK equivalents of the currency conversion and the payment system. Any of your purchase is equally valid for us.

The T-shirt is packed into environmentally-friendly package, so during the transportation it will be safe. We deliver our artworks worldwide. You can contact us and choose the most convenient type of delivery or transport company. The T-shirt will be delivered at the expense of the recipient after 100% advance payment of T-shirt.

We do not accept refunds or exchanges, thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Type: T-shirt

Material: Cotton

Material: Cotton & Polyester

Textile Colour: White

Technique: Digital Print

Series: During Dark Nights

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