Pale Rose Heart

Nina Laguta
Clay Sculptural Object

Nina Laguta is an Ukrainian ceramics artist. The first series of sculptures was created by artist in 2017. Nina Laguta flirts with different techniques and materials, combines them in different ways, she runs away from imitate of „correct" shapes and understandable meanings. The sculptural objects by artist are interpretations of her feelings and memoirs, they are emotional experiences of altering, and they are trying to catch and to capture «the exact moment».

Prices in EUR, but you can buy in UAH/USD/SEK equivalents of the currency conversion and the payment system. Any of your purchase is equally valid for us.

The sculpture is properly packed in a box, so it will be safe on the way to its recipient. The box with the sculpture also includes a signed certificate with a wet seal of our Garage33. Gallery-Shelter.
We deliver our art works worldwide. You can contact us and choose the most convenient type of delivery or transport company. The art object will be delivered at the expense of the recipient after 100% advance payment of artwork.

We do not accept refunds or exchanges. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have any questions Contact Us and we will respond you as soon as possible!

Material: Clay

Material: Engobes

Material: Glaze

Height Size: up to 10 cm

Country: Ukraine

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